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MEDIT Identica Hybrid Color Dental Scanner

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Superior engineering, increased speed, better results

Identica Hybrid is our fastest and most accurate scanner. When designing Identica Hybrid we focused on the requirements of your lab to have a precise, fast, and reliable machine that is easy to learn and easy to use. We built upon the speed and precision of our Identica Blue 2015 and made improvements in almost every area including a 3-axis scanning arm for auto-double impression scanning, faster speeds, and color scan data for improved accuracy.

Whether scanning models or impressions, Identica Hybrid gives your lab the workhorse it needs.

74% faster

Our R&D team has worked hard to improve scan times and data efficiency. A full arch can be scanned in 16 seconds and our new data file format is 84% lighter, decreasing processing times significantly. With these advancements in scan times and data efficiency, Identica Hybrid is up to 74% faster than its predecessors.

See for yourself, and play the video below!

Flexible Multi-die

The new flexible multi-die speeds up your workflow by allowing you to simultaneously scan a full arch, or two partials, together with several single dies, or you can scan up to 8 single dies separately -- resulting in considerable time savings. And as always, Identica Hybrid comes with a large scanning chamber so you can easily work with multiple types of articulators (Artex, Sam, Kavo) and large models.

More accuracy, more details

We understand that your business depends upon accuracy and precision, and at Medit we have made it our mission to build reliable scanners with precision you can count on. Whether you are scanning for an impression, implant bar, or bridge, the Identica Hybrid can meet your needs as we can guarantee a new level of precision and accuracy.


Our new Identica Hybrid uses triple camera scanning technology with color texture support, enabling technicians to include hand-drawn markings in the digital design -- resulting in high-detail images of the model or impression surface.


Identica Hybrid's scan accuracy is regularly tested at ±7μm with a standard deviation of only ±2μm -- guaranteeing you high quality scans every time. In addition, our patented intelligent multi-view (IMV) technology enables scanning into the deep occlusal areas giving you more details and more accuracy, and our standard blue light and structured light scan technology will continue to give you the results your team deserves.


The new 3-axis arm allows Identica Hybrid to hold scan objects in almost any orientation, making it possible to scan very complex objects. The additional third axis gives the scanner an almost unlimited range of visibility, helping to guarantee accuracy and precision in each scan.

Reinventing usability

At Medit we understand that usability is critical in your lab. We have made sure that Identica Hybrid not only scans with speed and precision, but that it is also easy to use for everyone on your staff. Our new Identica Software 2.0 upgrade is intuitive and color coded with a re-designed user-interface. Your work is auto-saved and you can save, redo, and undo your jobs at any point.

Identica Hybrid represents the apex in 3D dental scanning. With nearly unsurpassed speed, accuracy, reliability, and award winning design, we designed Identica Hybrid to push your lab furtheer

Built to last

We have come a long way since we first started designing scanners over 15 years ago. But one of the things that has not changed has been our commitment to excellence. Our top priority is providing customers with the best 3D scanning solutions to meet their needs.

We believe our Identica Hybrid scanner sets a new standard for excellence in 3D dental scanning. Its unsurpassed speed, auto double impression scanning, innovative flexible multi-die, and user-friendly software offers users the best in precision and speed.

But there's one more thing...

All of Identica Hybrid's path-breaking features mean nothing if the machine is not working or being repaired.
Which is why we are now offering a free 2 year factory warranty to every Identica Hybrid owner.

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